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Kim Kardashian Westa's house lit up in southern California's fire

Kim Kardashian Westa's house was hit by a flame in southern California (Francis Specker / PA)
Kim Kardashian Westa's house was hit by a flame in southern California (Francis Specker / PA)

Kim Kardashian Westa's house was hit by a fire that fanned in southern California.

However, the reality TV star, who fled home on Thursday as the fire assembled, told her millions of fans to stop the fires.

Kardashian West, who shares the house with her husband Kanye West and their children, tweeted: "I heard that the flames hit our property in our home in Hidden Hill, but now they are more contained and stopped at this time.

"It does not seem to worsen now, I just pray that the winds are in our favor. God is good, just please be sure."

In the second message he wrote: "Firefighters, I love you and thank you for doing all you can to protect us!"

Kardashian West is among many celebrities affected by the fire, which prompted the evacuation of a large part of the Malibu area.

According to a report by the TMZ website, Caitlyn Jenner from the Malibu home was destroyed by fire.

The spokesman said Jenner, a former step-parent Kardashian Westa, was sure but could not update her property.

Actress Alyssa Milano explained to her fans that her home was endangered by fire, but horses and children were safe.

Caitlyn Jenner is confident in Southern California fire reports that destroyed his Malibu home (PA)

Milan tweets its followers to seek help to move their five horses out of the fire.

In the update he wrote: "The horses are finally safe, my children are safe, my home is in danger, but … everything with the heart is safe, thank you all for concern."

Condemning the people who had previously criticized her for her animal welfare, Charmed's star adds, "For those who insisted on being insulted, because our political affiliation is different, you are what's fine with that country."

Singer Cher shared concerns about losing her home.

She is tweeted: "I'm worried about my house, but I can not do anything.

Friends of the houses burned. I can not stand the thought of having no Malibu, I had a home in Malibu since 1972. "

Star Star star Mark Hamill thanked the fans for their worries in the middle of the fire.

Confirming that he and his family were safe, he added: "Although (fires) are dangerously close to our home – @ MarilouHamill – @NathanHamill – @GriffinHamill – @ chelseahamill – Millie – Mabel and I'm confident at this time & rooting for our #FearlessFirefighters in their fight against #MeanMotherNature. "

One star, Niall Horan, invited people to leave the area by writing a tweet: "If you live in the Thousand Oaks / Malibu area, please evacuate.

"The fire is at 0% stopping and becoming wild when they pass the minute."

It was released on Thursday in the Hill Canyon area in the south of the state and spread rapidly, jumping over the main road and landing up to 7,000 hectares of land, a fire brigade in Ventura said.

So called. Fire Woolsey grew overnight, and the entire city of Malibu, which has 13,000 residents, said it was evacuating.

Kardashian West was among the first wave of well-known people who left the area, releasing a video from the aircraft window to her Instagram story on Thursday night, showing the fires below.

Her sister Khloe Kardashian tweeted to her that she could not sleep, adding, "I'm too nervous with these fires."

Actress Rainn Wilson, known for acting in the US version of The Office, shared a Twitter image of smoke from the smoke in the distance, behind some hills.

He wrote: "My house is in that. #WoolseyFire."

Disney CEO Robert Iger released a picture on Twitter from his office – a huge orange cloudy smoke behind the Walt Disney Tower.

"I hope all morning is very careful," he was tweeted.

According to reports, the fire is also believed to have destroyed the site of TV and film production known as the Western City at Paramount Ranch.

The place was used for productions, including The Adventures of Marco Polo and TV Quinn, Woman Medicine, from 1938, and was recently used for the hit series of the Westworld series.

The fires also destroyed the area in northern California, killing five people in the city of Ray, near San Francisco.

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