Sunday , June 20 2021

Lady Gaga documents evacuate from Malibu in the middle of the fire

Lady Gaga is one of hundreds of thousands of California residents who have been killing massive fire extensions throughout the state.

On Friday morning, the singer discovered on Instagram that she was evacuated from her home in Malibu. In a video posted on her Instagram Story, The The star was born The actress saw her stuffed stuff while the smoke clouds hovered over her property.

Certainly in his car, Gaga, 32, shared another clip, writing that "today sending all my prayers".

Another photo of the evacuation showed dark traces of smoke above the head, which almost completely overshadowed the blue sky.

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Gaga later wrote on Twitter, "I think so deep for all those who suffer today from those disgusting fires and mourning for the loss of their homes or loved ones.I am sitting here with a man of you wondering if my home will be lit. All we can do is pray together and for each other . God bless you."

"We thank the firefighters, the police, with the first and extraordinary answer to working above and beyond all that you can do to help us. You are a real hero," she added in a separate message.

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Two fires in Southern California forced thousands of people to leave their homes for security, including many famous people like Kardashians, Will Smith and Alyssa Milano.

One of them, named Woolsey Fire, burned on Saturday morning through 70,000 hectares in Ventura and Los Angeles and remained at a zero rate, Cal Fire reported. The other, Hill Fire, burned thousands of acres, just blocks away from Thousand Oaks, where 12 people were killed on Wednesday. From Friday, the fire was 15 percent, according to Cal Fire.

High winds, low humidity, and dry vegetation prompted fires that quickly spread across the country, causing a quarter of a million people to flee from that area, CNN quoted. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warns that "strong offshore" winds and low humidity will promote conditions very favorable "to continue fires.

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Firefighters in the northern part of the country are fighting with fire – known as the Firefighting Fire Department – which has led to the evacuation of nearly 40,000 people. From Saturday morning, the fire burned through 100,000 hectares and was 20 percent, according to Cal Fire. It was the largest of three flames since Friday, CNN reported.

But the Sheriff of the Butte Division shared a press release on Friday arguing that nine deaths were reported, all in the city of Raju.

Five victims were found "in vehicles that were overwhelmed by fire," the statement said. As their bodies were severely burned, the police could not immediately identify the victims.

Later, four more victims were found.

"One person was found in the residence, and three were found outside the residency," the statement said.

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