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Lisa Vanderpump Recording Vanderpump's Rules After Again After the Death of Mum – Hollywood Life

Lisa Vanderpump had had a hard time after mom passed and left RHOBH & # 39; but she was delighted to return to capture & # 39; Vanderpump Rules & # 39; and went forward.

Lisa Vanderpump, 58, is currently in London at the funeral of her mother Jean Vanderpump who died tragically on June 17 at the age of 84. The British caterer also announced his nine-year work The real housewife of Beverly Hill came to an end through Instagram video ahead of the final on July 9th. Therefore, it is no wonder Lisa, with all this happening, looks forward to the job and continues to record with another Bravo hit, Vanderpump rules, "Lisa Vanderpump was unhappy as she closed the chapter on housewives because she felt again assaulted by her current ex-friends and hardly found her," discovered the source of a close star. HollywoodLife.

"However, Lisa is doing the best she can in England with her husband Ken Todd next to it. Lisa is delighted to finally know what caused her mother's death and she was happy to emerge from the country as a final RHOBH they were broadcast, "explained the insider. – Honestly, he had no interest in seeing that he was barely something of Vanderpump Vegas (her latest restaurant and cafe at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas), and she felt that her women were so unkind. Lisa will return to USA this weekend and will soon be heading to Vegas for recording Vanderpump rules in Vanderpump Vegas. It now puts much of its focus and energy. (Being) is busy with her and will return to work right away. "

As we reported earlier, Lisa found that the cause of her tragic death was DVT, meaning deep vein thrombosis, or "blood clot forming deep inside her body." confidential, but the trol that suggested that Lisa's mom was left to "run" in the nursing home forced the LVP to speak. "How dare you do it?" My mother suddenly died of DVT being a villainous woman, "the restaurant owner SUR said on June 30th.

Lisa also shared a farewell tribute to her time RHOBH with Instagram video released on July 9th. He shared different moments from his nine seasons. "The pump left the building," he read the text overlapping the video. "Thank you all for support for 9 years. #rhobh, "he continued. Meanwhile, Lisa, who recently returned to help her charity near her heart, Angel Food Project, took on Twitter July 10 and responded to RHOBH final where Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna told their unpleasant rumors with the owner of SUR.

"I obviously did not look, but the army in my house was watching my furry people, and I've heard all of you being aback." I'm in London on my mother's funeral, I hope I can start life again after this terrible year, "he said. is the owner of SUR by adding hashtags, "RHOBH"And" 9 Years. "LVP shared a photo with Ken and their dog Giggy and signed up for their tweet with" Love Lisa Ken & Giggy ".

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