Tuesday , July 27 2021

Lorde says Kanye West copied her stage: 5 things in pop culture today

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Remember the plunder in England where the thief looked very similar David Schwimmer? The police went so far to confirm that Schwimmer was at that time in the United States, and Schwimmer was shocked tweeted about his innocence, Well, the 36-year-old suspect was arrested, led by the local British police administration for "Friends", while the rest of Twitter reminded him of having so many online years (ie Three weeks)

Why is Lord's angry at Kanye West? In one Instagram story, the singer has accused Kids See Ghosts (West and Kid Cudi rap duo) of design theft for the large, neon, transparent floating box she used for her Coachella set in 2017 and the next world tour of the Melodrama. The Ghosts seen children used a similar suspended rectangle for their performance at Tyler, the Creator's Flog Gnaw Festival camp at weekends.

Well, do they look like that? They do!

Who actually designed the boxes? Lorde conceived her box in collaboration with designer Es Devlin (who also worked with the West in the past, at the latest on the Yeezus tour 2013 – 2014); Children see the Ghosts & # 39; s designed by the company Trask House, who also worked on the western floating Saint Pablo stage.

Hm. Did not I ever see pop people in floating boxes? John McGuire, owner of Trask House, said in an e-mail that Lord was "not the first person to use a floating glass frame, she will not be the last, she does not own it, her designer did not invent it," he added. and floating are not the new Kanye West, scenery or architecture. Quick google floating glass brings many cases of covered glass cubes. "

As people pointed out on Twitter, Justin Bieber. David Blaine. papa and play "The Pain of Youth" have used similar settings, such as ASAP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar. (Devlin has also published examples of her previous work on Instagram, which dates from the performance of the 2007 Carmen Opera.

It looks like a metaphor for glory, if ever I hear one.

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