Monday , March 8 2021

Mohammad Kaif Defends Attack "Leave India" Virat Kohli, says Indian captain unjustly targeted

The attacker "Drops India" Virat Kohli's cricket fan caused a huge storm on Twitter with an Indian captain coming from a firearm from various quarters. In a controversial video that deals with social media circles, Kohli has seen talking to fans that "live somewhere else" because they do not support the Indian team. After waiting for a lot of other fans, Kohli replied: "I suppose the trolling does not apply to me, I'll stick to the trolls!" On Thursday evening, former former Indian bombshell Mohammad Kaif came to Kohl's defense and said the Indian skipper was unjustly targeted, and his "statements are curved to what's appropriate for the people's program."

On Wednesday, in a message sent to Virta Kohli, a cricket fan said, "I enjoy watching English and Australian bats more than these Indians." He even worshiped Kohlino's hitting, saying, "Too much ranked bats. Personally, I do not see anything special in his hitting."

The comments did not jump too well with Kohl, especially the "Indian team".

"I do not think you should live in India, go and live somewhere else." Why do you live in our country and love other countries? I do not mind that I do not like it, but I do not think we should live our country and so on. Give your priorities, "Kohli said responding to the fans' message.

Although Kohli had the support, he was most criticized by the Indian captain for his comments.

One of the hardest criticisms came from the famous commentator of Harsh Bhogen, who expressed Twitter's dissatisfaction with Twitter.

According to ANI, the Board of Managers appointed by the Supreme Court took into account Kohlin's comments and said he was dealing with the issue.

Kohli is currently on vacation in cricket after Bering rested for India versus the West Indies T20I series. They will return to action when an Indian team travels to Australia.

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