Sunday , April 11 2021

Over 20 million receive the first dose of Covid vaccine in the UK

LONDON: Britain announced on Sunday that more than 20 million people have been given at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and the rapid introduction provides hope in the country with the highest number of deaths in Europe.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it a “huge national achievement”, while praising National Health Service staff and others involved for “tireless work”.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock posted this in a video message on Twitter, saying: “I am absolutely pleased that over 20 million people have now been vaccinated.”
A total of 20,089,551 people received the first dose, according to government data released Sunday.
But the dampening of the good news was the discovery of a strain of coronavirus that has emerged in Brazil and is feared to be more contagious and resistant to vaccines.
In mid-February, the UK met the government’s target of the 15 million most vulnerable people receiving the first doses.
The government says it plans to offer the first sting to the entire adult population by the end of July.
Only Israel and the United Arab Emirates have vaccinated more people per capita.
Smiling, Hancock said, “I want to thank every single person who came forward for the sting,” calling this “the way we all came out of this.”
“It’s a long road to us, but we’re making big strides,” he said.
The British vaccination program was quickly launched from its inception in early December, when it became the first country in the world to start mass vaccination with a fully tested vaccine.
Earlier failures to seek contacts and control the spread of the infection have increased cases in the UK, with the death toll in the country at 122,705 being the highest in Europe.
The country is still under national blockade, but daily cases, hospitalizations and deaths have dropped dramatically since late January, despite the emergence of a more infectious variant in the country.
Another variant, which appeared in Manaus, in the north of Brazil, was discovered in six people in Great Britain, one of whom could not be located due to incomplete contact data, the health authorities said on Sunday.
On Sunday, 6,035 new daily cases and 144 deaths were recorded, the lowest number since early fall.
On Thursday, Britain lowered the level of warnings for the virus in the country by one notch as much as possible, saying the drop in cases had reduced the threat to the state National Health Service.

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