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Over 40 military generals and intelligence officers associated with METEC were arrested

Kinfe Dagnaw - METEC
Kinfe Dagnaw
Source: ESAT

November 10, 2010

More than 40 senior managers (and it is known that military generals in most cases) and Security Staff in charge of METEC (Metals and Engineering Corporation), the largest military industrial complex state company, were arrested today in the capital of Addis Ababa, reported Ethiopian reporter .

The reporter, who cited anonymous sources, added that senior executives of METEC management and intelligence services were arrested because they had a meeting in the corporation's building, which is cited as Amoraw, near the Imperial hotel in Gerji.

The reason for the arrest of unknown officials and the list of detained officials has not been revealed so far.

However, it is known that they were arrested at the Addis Ababa police commissioner, where the former Somali regional president was arrested.

Wazema Radio's report this week said the government is undertaking a very mysterious investigation of corruption scandals, such as a reorganization of the corporation in progress.

News of their arrest came days after Abiy Ahmed discovered in Gonder during a meeting with members of the community that his administration had made significant military reform in terms of leadership composition in the command structure that was once dominated by ethnic Tigreans. In a report released yesterday, Ethiopian satellite television (ESAT) said what it called "Sources close to the premier" to report that more than 160 military generals had been abolished.

METEC has investments in a number of sectors in the economy, but was more active in the construction and engineering sectors. However, corporations are often accused of mismanagement and major corruption.

General Brigadier General Kinfe Dagnaw (pictured above), who led the corporation as the director until he resigned in April 2018, after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was elected prime minister within the ruling party, was recently defended by METEC, and the corporation Ethiopians seem corrupt and incompetent.

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