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Somalia – Ethiopia: 250 rounded up in security after the strike

More than 250 people were arrested in Ethiopia suspected of participating in the violence that the authorities described as an unsuccessful regional strike last weekend.

Five senior officials, including chief of staff and numerous other people, were killed following an attack on the northern state of Amhara and the capital Adis Abebi.

More than 200 security officers in Amhara and more than 40 people in Adis Ababa were arrested.

It announced what was known as the Joint Security and Justice Working Group, stating that there were plans to kill other government officials.

It was also reported that 27 AK-47, two machine guns and several pistols were found.

The working group will also examine whether the violence in Amhara and Adis Abeba is related. Authorities have previously said there is a clear link.

State television also revealed the identity of a bodyguard claiming to have killed a chief of the army, General Searea Mekonnen, and another general in the capital.

He showed his picture and said Captain Mesfint Tigab was cured of an intensive care weapon wound.

The order appears to have returned to the country and the internet is partially operating after it has been closed for four days.

Kalkidan Yibeltal

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