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The crusaders were hit by injuries ahead of the Jaguares final

Crusader coach Scott Robertson has a lot to think about before the Super Ragbi v Jaguares finals, after injuring two key players.

Men from Christchurch marched for the third consecutive finals after winning the Hurricanes 30-26 in the semi-finals, but the win came at a price.

Center Ryan Crotty is suspicious in the finals with suspicious broken fists, while Barrett allegedly broke the digit.

There are two startling starters for the next week, while several other players taking care of women will be ready for the finals.

Robertson, however, is convinced that his allegations will be in good form on Saturday.

"It's now a mental side for us," he said.

"To be really clear about what we're going to do with the tactics of the game and then get excited, this is a pretty special opportunity for many of us.

"We will go so that we are in the best physical niche, as possible and, more importantly, our mental state to have a great night on Saturday."

Scott Robertson

The crusaders are the third consecutive Super Rugby title against the Jaguars who play their first final finals.

South Americans hit the two Brumbles 39-7 champions in Buenos Aires early Saturday morning (SAST) to make room for the last two.

The final will be the first conflict between the two sides in the 2019 edition, as they have so far avoided the competition.

"They were tough and brutal. When they traveled, we had a good feeling how good they could be," said Robertson.

"On the break, the body you bring, have enough testers in your team to understand how to play at the highest level and (deal with) pressures. For us this will be another hell.

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