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The Glory Set The Chemical Brothers confirms them as the dance act of their generation

Their fifth trip to The Other Stage may be their best

For The Chemical Brothers dance music has always been the sound of the Glastonbury Festival. "You can easily lose," Tom Rowlands told us in anticipation of the fence laying on the "Second Stage" (June 28th). The festival has left them in search – when they are in the studio, they are directly influenced by the ability to play these songs to thousands of fans at Worthy Farm.

This year, more than ever, dance music feels so part of the fun. Continuous tails from home, techno, disc and still on large and small stages can not be forgotten as you go through the page. Dance music is not excommunicated as at other festivals – it's part of the program on the biggest stages.

Chemical brothers can take part of the glory for it. During a two-year career, they once (2000) titled "The Pyramid Stage" and the title "Second Scene" recorded record five times since 2004.

With each return to the stage, they play their game, partly thanks to the new technology – their visuals are astonishing now – but also because they bring bigger and better melodies each time. The new album "No Geography" has been best since the 90s of the last century, and its good sound is perfect for the festival fields. The "Got To Keep On" theme is the most exciting moment of the BBC Glastonbury Coverage, and the anger of the "MAH" catches the audience at the most annoying.

The sensational set of pictures that accompany the set help them continue to command spots around the world. We see how runaway rides control on frightening "EML Rituals" and lasers are fired from huge robots that descend from horns for deep-cut "Hoops". Each clip maximizes the moment.

Though none of the two speak directly to the audience, their energy and gratitude are obvious. Ed Simons often gets out of the control center of the band to pick them up and Tom seems to be overwhelmed with the whole set. The pair was seen pointing to the numerous rocket and pirotechnic that the mass brought with it to raise the moment.

There is a case that the Chemical Brothers may soon return to the Pyramid Path. Twenty years after that, no one of their colleagues can reconcile the constant re-disclosure that holds them by their local name. They are thrilled to pay tribute to the characters that helped run the track, however – the fierce version of Block Rockin & # 39; The Beatsa closes the set, and the video screens dedicate the Set The Prodigy's late frontman, Keith Flint, to the key figure. in dance music and in British music.

How to get to the top is easy, but keeping the creativity is what sets this duo from its peers, such as Fatboy Slim, which appears at various places on the page this weekend, but without any places like this one. Their fifth leg of The Other Stage was charm; Let's hope this tradition will continue.

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