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Watch The Killers Cover The Alarm To The Surprise Of Mike Peters

It is not unusual for bands to pay tribute to local music heroes on the tour, but this is a unique opportunity when an artist who made a glorious song at hand and completely unaware of what is coming. This was the case last week when The Killers played the Alarm "Rain in the Summer months," while singer Mike Peters and some of his fellow bands were in the crowd.

The Killers played at Cardiff Castle, when at the end of their set, the cover came out for their performance. Peters told Wales Online: "Someone stopped me in the picture when they started playing" Rain in the Summer months "so I did not look at it first, then everyone looked at me and fucked and then everyone joined the singing." .

He added: "I think they had enough on their plate, so they played an Alarm song for them. It was a surreal moment. They did not have to do this, but the fact that they still did make me so offended, humiliated and honored. I had no idea he would play the song.

Peters said that he later learned that his wife had a hand in a special moment, talking to The Killers' manager who helped put things in place. "I learned she knew and wanted to make it a surprise to me," said the singer, adding: "Brandon [Flowers] he sang so great. He's such a big frontman.

Watch the fan-shot videos of The Killers Cover as well as The Alarm's twitter catch Peters's reaction at the moment below.

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