Sunday , January 24 2021

While California is out of anger, the glorious houses are part of the fire

Famous people whose coastal homes were damaged or destroyed by the Southern California fire, or forced to flee, expressed sympathy and solidarity with lesser known people who worsened state deadly fires and thanked firefighters who guarded them.

"He returned to my home in Malibu after the evacuation," wrote Gerard Butler in Instagram next to the photo that showed a burning structure and a heavy-duty vehicle. "Time spent throughout California, as always courage, spirit, and victim of firefighters."

"Sparrow", actor "300", in a Scottish accent in a video that shows clarity, ashes and what is left of her home, was grumbling.

Robin Thick's House Malibu was completely destroyed, according to his attorney.

The 41-year-old singer told Instagram that he and his girlfriend and his two children were "safe and surrounded by friends and family" and thanked firefighters.

"While we were driving to safety, they risk their lives trying to save our home," Thicke said.

Camille Grammer Meyer from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" also lost her home in Malibu on Saturday night, Howard Bragman, a publicist, told The Associated Press.

"Unfortunately, my house could not be saved," wrote Meyer, the former wife of actor Kelsey Grammer, who had a large house flushed with flame.

Caitlyn Jenner was among happy students, learning on Sunday that her house was spared.

"Yay, the house did!" Jenner said on Instagram's video and then showed the naked, darkened landscape around the house.

"It was devastating here in Malibu," Jenner said. The hills were completely burnt. He agreed to say the least … we are very happy. "

Many others, including Orlando Bloom, Alyssa Milano, Lady Gaga, actor "The Office" Rainn Wilson and fashion designer Donna Karan were among the evacuated. Some knew their homes were safe (for now) and waited for the opportunity to come back. The others were in the dark, putting the pictures of tidal smoke and saying their homes were somewhere there.

"Stay safe, California – and keep these prayers coming to America," Wilson said in his Twitter account, where he shared photographs of some of the more than 100 people missing in a huge fire in northern California that killed at least 23 people during the weekend.

Milan said her house was "still in danger" because the strong winds resumed on Sunday.

Murder in South California killed two and destroyed at least 177 homes. The flash began on Thursday night and was pushing toward Malibu and the Pacific Ocean, pushing evacuation to Malibu, Calabasas, Agoura Hills and other nearby areas.

"Western City" Paramount Rancha, a landmark dating site dating back to 1927, which includes prison, hotel and salon, burned to the ground. The Westworld TV series is one of the many productions recorded on a ranch in the mountains west of Los Angeles.

"LA is a pretty nice place, but if all the fires, we have to deal with, you know, we are lucky," actor Oliver Hudson told AP in a charity event in Culver City. a lot of people in the world who deal a lot more. "

Actress Julie Bowen of the "Modern Family" said that everyone involved in the flame is worthy of compassion.

"I think there's a lot and a lot of people who think that Malibu is just a celebrity of the other home," Bowen said at Culver City's event, "but there are people who are the first, last and only homes there to go up and down canyons and they are not necessarily, "who cares they are rich and glamorous they can afford to lose their home." This is life and death and that's really tragic. "

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