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37. Brive the book on the right path

REPORTAGE – The event has been a paradox for more than thirty years: bringing prestigious authors to the popular atmosphere. The story of a very busy first day.

Special envoy to Brive

9:31, Gare de Lyon, when the TGV door is closed. The direction of Brive and Corrèze, which, from Denis Tillinac, are not so far from Zambez. All-Paris letters thrill what is still called – traditions are lost when they are bad – the cholesterol train. Beautiful languages ​​are freed, we are rewarding literary awards, we are delighted as well as on the way of the holiday season. And we expect, especially the monks, to discover a list of wines that follow the half-boiled duck foie gras.

It seems nobody is worried about it, but the train started at about an hour. He took the direction of Lyon, another gastronomic capital. When he finally understands, the conductor struggles to hide his embarrassment: "Do not laugh, please. We have to go back to Paris." Then, a false start. A little trembling goes on the idea that another convoy might arrive. The auditor assures authors, publishers and printers as much as possible. Determine, the SNCF's paths are still inconvenient.

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The play of the music chair continues in this rolling literary salon. The novelists go from one wagon to another. In the kitchen the servers are busy. This happens only once a year when TGV offers such good food. The medaljon foie gras is accompanied by a pie with sweet sausages and various chocolates. All Corrèze in a knit basket. Follow the delicious Rocamadour which is still called cabécou on Causses Lotois. The last round before alcoholic drinks. Gravel wine is the best enemy of writers who must sign the same afternoon. The name of this ruthless man looking for a "little glass" will be ignored.

The train arrives at Brive Station. With late hours and letters more than ever. Buses and curious people are waiting for them. Jean-Pierre, who filmed every promotion for fifteen years, plays to recognize authors. He found them a little smarter, complaining of the time when many of them dropped down the stairs of trains. Saint-Germain-des-Prés offers a holiday camp in Corrèze. Some slingers go from the car and down the trail Jean Jaurès to Halle George Brassens where the 37th Book Fair is held. Little walks, boots.

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The new curator of the exhibition, François David, decided to follow the steps of his predecessors. "The fair is a unique institution that is part of our city's identity," said the former professor of geography history with an easy-to-use verb. There are not only readers but visitors alike here. "In one word, Brive has probably achieved a better compromise between pleasure and literature.

At the entrance to the fair, metal detectors sounded regularly. Pockets are empty for some notebooks, but also Opinel and Laguiole. Here, as Henri Vincenza said, the knife is the safest craftsman of popular culture. Sophie Dudemaine, a culinary expert, says immediately behind the bat: "We eat well here." We believe her in her word. Under the big tip, the cup is deafening, creature monsters. "The book still has its charm visible," admits Thierry, fifty.

Beautiful beasts

In front of the stalls of the most famous names, they create unrest. Jean-Louis Debré supports. Alain Mabanckou smiled behind the glasses, a big silver cross on his chest. When it comes to kissing a fan, this surprise brutally interrupts the telephone conversation. Playing the fear of a forbidden, less well-known novelist places the "Attention, Malicious Author" sign on his desk. Charles Nemes, company director The notorious Montparnasse tower glued to a plastic flower on his bald head. In the translation, Boualem Sansal keeps notes of the moderator and gausse of his "Sumerian writing." Before mentioning, worried, Islamic dangers.

Delphine de Vigan, president of the 2018 edition, marks her brand at the event. She came with three young authors, Adeline Dieudonné, Sophie Divry and Sylvia Rozelier. On stage, the novelist gives them a touching "statement of admiration", glorifying his literary courage.

At dawn on Friday, Delphine de Vigan reads the letter he sent a few years ago to Arthur H. Recognize for that occasion, the black hat drunk on his head, the musician listening, moved, the Last Light struggling to die in the back of the quiet theater. author Not me delighted by his scanning Music word, a collection of poems by the son of late Jacques Higelina. The latter concludes, sibylline: "Life can not be described."

The hand in hand with Raymond Poulidor, former director of the judicial police Claude Cances, radiates. "I spent my life interviewing people, not the most famous," he explains. Today, it is my turn to stand trial questions and this immeasurable exercise for me, often dangerous, is always interesting, "he adds.

François Hollande crack the audience, take a pen and start a marathon sign. He persecutes selfies and kisses. We hope it is vaccinated against the flu. "But without a mother, my shirt is ugly!" Gaspard irritates her mother's request to remove her photo jacket with "Mr. President." Alas for the author and screenwriter Jean-Paul Delfin, he was placed next to the former head of state. It is impossible for him to continue signing. His publisher is furious.

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"You know the story is very beautiful?" The author exclaimed, showing his latest book. In the alleys of the most famous Limousine voices are associated with Psychology of fear and the latest book by the animator Thierry Beccar. "He has a nice smile," admitted the young retired retriever at the lecturer. But motus, he will not tell him. More fondly, the lover sends kisses to Catherine Ceylac, a little further.

"Brive is necessary," says Jean-Loup Chiflet. "It may be the weakest sophisticated salon, but the most popular in France. In these events we find ideas to let us smoke," explains this tenor of the release. She has been attending the fair for thirty years. "Here we always find friends, nothing has changed, still sees Jean-Eder Hallier, mumbling, persecuting Edmond de Charles-Roux in the corridors of the trains, and in the huge room, Chiflet agrees that the world of literature has relaxed Moreover, as if to open a book of his memories, he wanted to clarify: "You know, the cholesterol train is my invention."

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