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After a dengue case, Bergerac County treated the tiger mosquito

The mosquito control operation will be conducted in the Bergerac district. – PASCAL GUYOT / AFP

  • In patients in Bergerac, who returned from Africa, a dense fever was diagnosed.
  • As a precautionary measure, removal of mosquitoes from the hospital district will be carried out on Tuesday morning.
  • Recommendations are issued to residents of the sector.

A patient treated at the Samuel-Pozzi hospital in Bergerac from 14 to 19 June, returning from traveling to Africa, was declared infected by a dengue virus,
reports SouthwestAs a precautionary measure, the mosquito control operation will take place between 5 and 6 am on Tuesday morning in the hospital district, and the entomological survey shows the presence
Tiger mosquito, potential virus vector.

According to a report by the Regional Health Agency, Prefect and Department of the Dordogne, a team from the Inter-Mosques Inter-Mosques (EID) of the Mediterranean will intervene, "The aim is to eliminate mosquitoes present at densely populated places in order to avoid the risk of spreading the virus are contaminated by the perjury of that person.

Treatment and recommendations

"Deltamethrin used in these treatments is sprayed at 1 gram per hectare, which is a very low dose," he says. "This treatment, applied in a very limited space, is a perfectly controlled intervention that does not pose any particular danger, depending on the compliance with instructions transmitted and distributed to residents living in the relevant sector."

The city of Bergerac makes recommendations on its website: "The products used for the treatment are low doses, but insecticides remain. Make sure you take all precautions, time of passing the vehicle (close windows with street view, return linens, toys outdoors .. .) »

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