Monday , January 25 2021

Black Friday: Where to Find the Cheapest Intel MacBook Air?

If you really need Windows or your budget is limited to $ 1,000, the Intel MacBook Air hangs out. After the release of the (fantastic) MacBook Air M1 and on the occasion of Black Friday, Intel’s version released in the spring is on sale everywhere … but the best price is still on Apple’s renovation.

The entry-level model (Core i3 processor, 256 GB of storage) is sold there for € 909. These are restored copies, but they are still like new ones.

If you want to use gift certificates elsewhere or they are not in stock, here are other offers. Cdisount offers the most attractive price: € 949 for the entry level.

Fnac and Darty sell the same model for 999 euros. Fnac no longer has online stock, but the machine can be picked up at the store, and Darty still offers deliveries. If you need both Windows and a lot of storage space, the MacBook Air Intel Core i5 with 512 GB SSD costs 1,299 euros in Darty, Fnac and Boulanger.

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