Saturday , September 18 2021

Blocked phones are not returned: blocking free causes of collateral collisions

If you go to a free online store, you can see that the customer has several options when selecting a package and a new smartphone device. He can buy the latter at a high price but also rent it for the amount he will pay each month (from 12 euros for iPhone 6 to 25 for Galaxy Note 9). However, this is a rental package, which means that the device does not belong to the buyer and is obliged to return it at the end of a 24-month lease. Of course, some people have nothing to do with these commitments and they prefer risking the maintenance of smartphones anyway.

However, the General terms of the Free Contract Scheduling warn that the operator reserves the right to block the device in such cases. An initiative that never followed the effect. So far. Indeed, as UniverseFreebox reveals, many people have said in recent days that their cell phone is blocked.

Some of them, free users, had to give up to make their smartphone. The problem is that unscrupulous users sometimes resell their phones to private individuals without of course telling them how they got it. And the latter who thought the new legitimate owners of the device were now the beak in the water. To point out that some of the people who blocked their phone say they bought it "new" from the operator. Is this a mistake for free or rebuilt phones that are sold as new? The situation is currently unclear. We tried to contact Free to find out more, without success for a moment

Keep in mind that Facebook is an open list of testimonies of people in this situation (it has almost 400 members). It seems now that the options available to people are reduced. According to some words, the release of the phone obviously will not be a free option inviting users to address the person who sold them. However, the file has been studied. Therefore, it will be necessary to see if the resolution is proposed in the coming months.

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