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Brigitte Macron attends Mass Mass at the Saint-Sulpice Church

The cathedral fire Notre-Dame intervened on Monday, April 15, the first day of the Great Week celebration that led to Easter, the main Christian holiday. Two days after the tragedy, this Wednesday, Mass Mass to be held in Notre Dame will finally be held in the Saint-Sulpice church (6th district in Paris), at 18:30.

According to our information, Brigitte Macron is present. The first lady arrived just before 18:30. Saint-Sulpice Church is the largest church in Paris after Notre-Dame, which can contain at least 2,000 people. The huge screen will be raised to the lobby, for those who can not get in.

At this Mass, the Archbishop of Paris, Bishop Michel Aupetit, devotes himself chrism (oil used in some sacraments, note) and blessed Patient oil and catehumine oil" (Adults receiving baptism, keep in mind), denotes the diocese. "Bishops and all priests renew their commitment."

As for the Easter Mass, which is usually held in Notre-Dame, it will be held on Sunday in the church of Saint-Eustache (1st Arondisman), with bishop Aupetit.

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