Saturday , June 19 2021

Dordogne: La Poste employee in Saint-Astier begins suicide

The Saint-Astier Post Office in Dordogne, a long-term illness for three years, committed suicide in her parents' home.

"Pascale has requested the presence and support of the FO representative several hours before his activity, explains FO in the statement.

"His life was hell"

According to the unions, the postwoman reported that she had already made a suicide attempt in 2015, and she was convinced "his life was hell", The incident that lasted and was attributed to his employer, La Poste.

"He was afraid that he had passed the mailmaker with a small camera, told me about the controls, the managerial pressure"says Stephane Greffe, a trade union representative of Force Ouvrière. He met Pascal three hours, just hours before his job.

I wanted to warn, I did not have time to call the cell phone. I did not expect this

First suicide at the end of October

Death comes less than two weeks after a 44-year-old Sarlat's postman killed a hangout. The death of this employee, who also complained to La Poste about her managerial methods and her "harassment" resulted in twelve days of the rightful withdrawal of hundreds of postal workers Sarlat and Siorac.

The latter did not return to work until they were transferred by the group's three executives. According to Stéphane Greffe, suffering has spread among La Poste employees. "There is still a real suffering that must be recognized. It is necessary for the Post to stop its reorganization, (…) it is not normal what is happening!

La Poste notices that this is another suicide concern "a three-year-old lady," "far from shaking company restructuring."

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