Sunday , April 11 2021

“Emmanuel Macron wants the Algerian war to be his own ‘Vel d’Hiv’, that is, the audacity of recognition”

The Store report is rich in more than twenty recommendations, suggesting advances in records of war archives and colonization, shedding light on disappearances, health and environmental responsibilities of nuclear tests in the Sahara (1960-1966), editorial and university collaboration on rehabilitation, or improving Gisèle Halimi, whose panthenization is recommended by Stora.

Yes, to answer your question, further action follows. Mr Macron obviously should not dwell on Ali Boumedjel’s file. But the details of the ongoing measures at this stage are unknown, even if unconfirmed information suggests possible progress on archives.

Historians complain that their access is hampered by the “secrecy of defense” lock, a practice contrary to the Heritage Code that allows free access to archives after fifty years.

There things could shift In any case, it would be futile to pretend to encourage the emergence of the truth about the missing, as Mr. Macron did in the cases of Maurice Audin and Ali Boumendjel, and allow these blockades to last longer, imposing historical research on missing persons .Kafkian entanglements.

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