Saturday , September 21 2019
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End the orange alarms at Indre-et-Loire Info News

Temperature falls this Sunday.

Colder night: the temperature fell to around 17-18 o this early Sunday in Indre-et-Loire. It is likely to exceed 30 in the afternoon, but without reaching an absolute record of 41 ° 5 recorded in Savigny-en-Veron or 38 ° 6 in Touru, there is also evidence from the time of the weather data the previous maximum temperature was recorded in 2017.

This Saturday in Chinon is the hottest thing to concentrate there all the municipalities where we have exceeded 40 ° on June 29th.

Given the fall in afternoon temperatures and the return of freshness at night, Météo France raises the orange alarm in Indre-et-Loire. We're even "green" on the map. Air quality is also significantly improved.

In the Prefecture of Indre-et-Loire there was an increase in the number of calls to SAMUs and the increase of medical advice, but without any extraordinary inflow into the hospital. More than 75 years was more frequent than usual for emergency relief.

The Racault Gymnasium in Toursu, opened to people on the street (with 30 seats), will be closed on Monday.

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