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Father who stops three of his small children in the Montauban sabotage, controlled by the municipal police

The man who captured and threatened his three small children with a sword on Saturday night in Montauban was controlled by the municipal police. The man did not hesitate to cut the veins. He could put him in a psychiatric hospital during the weekend.

The fans of the third Montaubana in the Scenes festivals began to arrive this Saturday night, around 18:30, in the summer silence of the end of the day, when their sight attracted attention at the entrance to Jardin des Plantes. The woman suddenly came out of the house that was on the festival site, apparently cried and called for help.

At the festival's site, the city police quickly came to the scene. They soon realized that the father stopped his three children aged 7, 6, and 1 in his house, sand in his hand.

After trying to negotiate, officials quickly realized that muscular methods would be needed to stop the emerging drama. Action of great professionalism. They managed to control an individual, using his Taser twice: "He made uncommon remarks and was very dangerous," said one of those who managed to avoid the evil. Six men needed to control it. Very excited, even in several places he cut his hand.

Serious psychiatric worries

The police took him to the police station on Saturday night. He will decide, in accordance with his condition, to examine him to know his motives. Counseling in the evening, the prosecutor from Montauban must decide on Sunday about his court fate. The measure of internment in a psychiatric hospital is part of a hypothesis. According to our information, an individual in the age of thirty is suffering from serious psychiatric care. His unstable state already cost him to stay in a psychiatric environment.

This man's wife and children managed to relax calmly, this Saturday night, after tremendous fears of this end of the day. As far as the municipal police are concerned, they have told the elected officials, especially the Mayor Montauban, Brigitte Barèges, as well as everyone else, about this controversy. And divide the courage of his "police".

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