Tuesday , January 19 2021

Fires in California: David Guetta, Alyssa Milano, Kardashian's family, affected by the stars?

As the flame destroys part of California, testimonies of victims are increasingly on social networks. Evacuated in emergencies, several stars told their story on the canvas.

Since Friday, a part of California is in flames. Deadly fires hit northwest of Los Angeles. Initial reports show at least 23 dead and more than 250,000 people evacuated from a fire that has already destroyed more than 40,000 hectares of forests. The real climatological catastrophe that is on Sunday November 11 is still far from being overwhelmed. According to firefighters, it will take three weeks to overcome the flames that continue to destroy the region's popular among the stars. The fuels are actually concentrated around Calabasas or Malibu, cities where many famous people have properties.

From Friday, they share in social networks the details of their evacuation … sometimes in the middle of a flame. This is for example singer Alanis Morissette, who posted on his Instagram photo of his street in Malibu. Alyssa Milano lived the same thing. Actress Charmed on Saturday, November 10, could convince his fans, pointing to social networks that his children, his horses, in short, "Everything that has a heartbeat" he was safe. The actress has no illusion about her home. Destiny shared by Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga or Khloé Kardashian. The flames struck True house of the mother, who happily had time to evacuate her daughter. She found Kim Kardashian, who was also forced to evacuate her home.

Another member of the Kardashian family who was hit by fire, Caitlyn Jenner, explained in social networks that her house was probably missing … Damage Materials, which are finally small compared to some of the worries of their loved ones. For example, Laeticia Hallyday came out of silence on Instagram, asking her fans to pray for Malibu. Actress Charlie Sheen has long remained without news from her parents. After calling it Twitter, she got convincing news from her father, Martin Sheen, who was on her way ready to sleep in her car. David Guetta is also very concerned about one of his family. Instagram, a famous French DJ, explained that his nephew, Kyle, was one of the Los Angeles firefighters who is currently trying to control the fires …

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