Tuesday , January 26 2021

From Friday, the pound definition will change

INFOGRAPHY – The physical mass standard, preserved in France in Sèvres, will be abandoned in favor of more abstract definitions. It will also change the units of temperature (kelvin), the electric amplitude (amperes) and the amount of material (mol).

This revolution is preparing for Versailles. Peaceful Revolution. Scientific Revolution. The International System of Units (SIs) will be completely redesigned for the benefit of the 26th General Gauge and Measurement Conference (GFCM), which opens on Tuesday. This four-year meeting will surely close on Friday afternoon with a historic vote to redefine the seven core units. The second (time), kilogram (meter), meter (length), kelvin (temperature), ampere (electric intensity), beam (amount of substance) and candel (light intensity) are now defined by associating them with the fundamental constants of physics or nature. "This is a complete paradigm shift," says Luc Erard, a member of the International Committee on Weights and Weights, who suggests this reform.

At first it may seem abstract. But that means that metrologists are convinced enough of their strength …

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