Thursday , March 4 2021

Fuel prices: Mayor offers his citizens a monthly EUR 50 assistance

She wants to support low-income workers. In full blame for rising prices at the pump, Mayor Roche-la-Molière (Loire) supports its citizens. It is the most modest of them "good fuel" monthly to 50 euros to get to work, announced this Saturday.

The principle of such reinforcement that for the people who paid Smić forced to take his car in his workplace was adopted on Friday, said Eric Berlivet, mayor (SE) of this city with 10,000 inhabitants.

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The goal of this "good fuel" of € 50 for full-time and proportionate part-time "encourages those who have a job to not give up because of a new increase of 7% fuel tax scheduled for January 1," adds prime minister of the city Etienne metropolis. The vouchers will be distributed from January 1 for a period of six months.

Another condition is needed to use it: to travel from 15 to 40 km for work, because there is a remedy for fiscal aid, an elected person who wants to "privilege the action of criticism" and still does not know the number of potential beneficiaries of this assistance . The Mayor supported Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election.

Since 2016, in the Hauts-de-France region, private transport assistance (ATP) has been established. This is a 20 euro monthly fuel cleaning fee paid to those who work at least 30 miles from your home.

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