Wednesday , January 27 2021

Gabart and his duel with Joyon: "From chilly to the end" – Route du Rhum

The leader of Route du Rum is expecting this Sunday, in the last hours of exciting racing, from door to door with Francis Joyon.

In Pointe-à-Pitre

François Gabart for 24 hours sees dangerously close Francis Joyon in the rearview mirror. On Sunday at 12 o'clock Idec Sport was only 15 miles behind Macif, visibly damaged by technical problems. Under pressure, the leader of the Route du rhum apparently did not report any concerns about the ship. But he expects to tour the bustling island before arriving at Pointe-à-Pitre on scheduled evening (local time). "We are approaching Guadeloupe immediately, which promises an exciting ending, maybe a tour of the island by the side or not far from each other, this can be a scenario." "I am preparing for this," Charentais said on Sunday morning.

The fastest man around the world is preparing for the whip "on this tour of Guadeloupe which is never easy, especially with our boats and at this course, placed near the buoy very close to the ground." "Gabart is still delighted at the beginning of the tour. to avoid water traps from Guadeloupe. "It's even better to have a day with the wind easier and more stable. Keeping visual information in the wind in Basse-Terre is easier." And crucial when you feel the breath of his persecution in his neck. At 12:45, Macif was again matching Idecom speed (every 27 knots). The final battle could begin.

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