Wednesday , January 27 2021

Gabart and Joyon did not leave the national sport

Who is from the young sailor Gabart (Macif), the world record holder of the world solo solo (42 d 16 h), or veteran Joyon (Idec Sport), the world record holder of the world tour (40 d 23 h) will be the winner of the 11th edition of the prestigious transatlantic coin ?

The advantage is Gabart, the youngest skipper (35 years) in the category of the most powerful boats, Ultimate (maxi-trimaran 32 m long and 23 m wide, some of which can fly).

At last results Saturday 20:00 (time in city France), Gabart was 597 miles from the goal (1105 km).

And he stopped at the Basilica, about 105 miles (about 194 miles), Joyon, a 62-year-old sailor who gives everything he has in front of the ship older than his main rival (12 years for Joyon, 3 years for Gabart).

"Francis (Joyon) does not miss anything, but that's normal. If I am, I'll do the same!" As Gabart said during Saturday's PC race, as long as the goal was not over, you must be in cash and try it all the way. .

Awesome arrival

"But I'm going to do everything to stay in my place, and it's true that my trace, with 30 knots, is not much." The fact that Franjo is right there must push me, "he continued, adding," Actually, , basically, but I manage risk

On the other hand, Joyon, who participates in his 7th du Rhum, knows more than anyone that arrival on the island of Guadeloupe is tricky.

"The smell of Guadeloupe's scent has been traditionally very tactical and you can lose a few hours completely, I knew well and badly." In 2014, with Yann Eliès, I managed to pass, but in the second edition I was completely stuck, "he recalls is.

Once you reach Tête à l'Anglais, north of the island, two sailors will have to go around the island and avoid many traps, like pebbles, to reach the goal.

According to recent estimates, the winner could be crowned between 16:00 and 18:00 local time, between 21:00 and 23:00 in Velesradska France.

Even if Gabart, on his last boat headed, keeps his lead over Joyon, the sun could be a big match between two big names in offshore races.

105 A nautical mile (about 194 km) is the distance that Gabart was removed from Joyon last night.

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