Saturday , February 27 2021

Get up early to reduce your risk

Presented at the National Cancer Research Conference this week in Glasgow, Scotland, research suggests that women older than the morning are less likely to develop breast cancer. Decoding.

We know that: there are those who " are morning And those who " they are no longer in the evening ". The difference that depends on it biological clock each of them. The latter, according to British researchers' research, affect the risk of regardless of whether breast cancer is to develop or not, Explanations.

40% to 48% less risk for early resurrection

He was led by Dr. Rebecca Richmond from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) with the participation of researchers from the University of Manchester and Exeter (United Kingdom) and some American and Norwegian scientists. data from 409.166 participants to see if there is the link between the biological clock and the development of breast cancer in women.

To determine whether it is early frogs, "AND" night birds The same risk, the team used the method called randomization of Mendelawhich consists of use genetic variants associated with risk factors possible breast cancer, such as sleep characteristics, to determine whether they can contribute to the onset of this disease ", Explains at La Dépêche. "We took into account the habits of these people: if it occurs sooner or laterhow much sleeping hoursif you suffer insomnia "explained Dr. Rebecca Richmond.

The results showed that period of 8 years. 2 "Night Birds" (who do not get up early, remember) of 100 he developed that pathology, against just one early bird of 100. "Early Bird" show 40 to 48% less risk develop breast cancer as a "late rising"

The importance of the real amount of sleep

Moreover, if we already knew for sure transgression refers to too much sleep, research has also shown That too much sleep is also harmful in this case. risk for Breast Cancer Development increases by 20% in women who exceed 7 to 8 hours of sleep Recommended.

"These results are potentially very important because dream is ubiquitous and can be easily modified, Previous studies have been studied the influence of work in distant hours, but this research shows that there may be a risk factor for all women " a BBC scientist said.

So it's enough to change your sleep pattern to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, which is The cause of death of cancer in women? According to Dr. Richmond, he is still too soon to give such advice women. "We still have to figure out what makes a person" at night "more risky than a person in the morning this link should be analyzed ".

In France, 1 woman of 8 It deals with breast cancer.

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