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He cooks grilled steaks … and sells them to Uber eating!

A few days ago, the BBC split the investigation into Uber Eats meal delivery. Indeed, he wanted to know if he could create his own restaurant and add it to the platform without any regulation or verification from the American company. And the experience is particularly successful.

Uber Eats confirms the list of Best Burger Corporation on its platform

Actually, a reporter first created his own fake restaurant, who was baptized by Best Burger Corporation. When registering at the Uber Eats website, he was bypassing the issue of hygiene standards and said he would have " Soon His assessment.

Uber eats a grilled apple

Screenshot © BBC

After confirming the registration on the Uber Eats website, she got some papers on how to manage her restaurant. Then he started cooking the steaks in the back of his garden, using the basic home-made barbecue.

Mark McGlinn, Food Safety Expert, put the first (and only) order on the meal delivery app. This has been confirmed, confirming that the American company Best Burger Corporation has approved itself as a reliable restaurant.

The BBC adds that the Uber Eatsa deliverer saw the reporter was bbqing in the back of his garden, but nevertheless took the order to deliver it to his destination. Mark McGlinn received his order a few minutes later, for which he said: I'm surprised at what I've seen. But also, very upsets […] We are in a desperate situation if such large food delivery platforms can work ".

For his part, Uber Eats reacted in the statement: We are deeply concerned about the breach of our food safety policy and have taken immediate steps to improve the registration conditions. It is unacceptable that a restaurant that does not meet our requirements can use the platform ".

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