Thursday , January 28 2021

In Belgium, workers were wrong to receive a 30,000 euro bonus

After accounting mistakes, 230 employees of Thy-Marcinelle Ironworks of the Italian Riva Group received a 30,000-euro premium, the Saturday RTBF said.

While some employees have received a refund request, others must receive them on Monday. However, they can not immediately repay the money.

"I've never seen it in a ten-year career at the factory, I know it's not ours, so I did not touch it, but some of my colleagues were less careful, I know there's one who even plays in the casino!" Explains the factory worker, quoted RTBF.

About 7 million euros

The Belgian law allows employers to compensate for the paid money by mistake. But repayment could take longer and may lead to lengthy court proceedings if employees refuse to pay back the money.

The management issue because all the wrongly paid money reaches the amount that is still close to 7m euros.

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