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Is the tax increase intended to compensate for housing tax?

Lyon, May 24, 2016
Fuel Illustrations – C. Girardon / 20 minutes

The second ringtone. If the government justifies a tax increase
combustion fuel combustion, the CLCV consumer advocacy association provides a completely different reason. An increase would, in fact, be intended to offset the tax on housing,
explained François Carlier, CLCV General Delegate, this Thursday at Franceinfo.

The Consumer Protection Association allegedly received this response at a meeting in Matignon last September. "Clearly, in Matignon, they told us:" In order to eliminate 80% of the French apartment tax, we need to significantly increase fuel taxes. It will be the only tax we will increase, but we must do it otherwise we can not make other tax reforms, "said François Carlier in detail." There they were very honest, much more sincere than in public communication, "he added.

"If there is an actor who has to finance the energy transition, it is a state"

The nomination during which the association would ask the government to "blame for purchasing power" by increasing taxes by one cent per liter for gasoline and three for diesel. The proposal was rejected by the government. For CLCV, the state has also asked other participants, such as communities or companies, to participate in financing energy transition.

"Going to the other door is rude, from my point of view," says François Carlier. "Tax revenues from fuel and fuel are a state that has more than € 30 billion in cash, which goes into the state treasury, which is growing sharply." If there is an actor who has to finance the energy transition, it is a state because it is the one that collects taxes "said François Carlier.

The government is trying to extinguish the fire before the November 17 bloc

This Friday morning, Matignon reached the plate, accusing the "fakenews". Increasing fuel tax and reducing housing tax, "it has nothing to do, even when it is raised," the prime minister added.

As the road blockade approaches November 17, the government is trying to extinguish the fire:
Emmanuel Macron has proposed "improving energy audits" for families with modest income and introducing aid, the "mileage" model, for those driving a car every day.
The government also asked the distributors to forward a daily drop in oil prices.

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