Monday , January 18 2021

Koh-Lanta, four countries / France / D14 / Koh-Lanta /

Koh Lanta final or 0: 0 between Strasbourg and Rennes? The question is answered quickly. So if you want to see some action, here it happens with the familiar orientation test. Yum.


21h43: How do you want to find a dagger in the middle of all these plants?

21h42: And Alexandra who also finds a lighthouse. What if she cut the grass under Loic’s leg? In the middle of the pump next to it would be the height.

21h40: OH Brissou who finds the lighthouse. I am very, very afraid for Wonder Woman …

21h38: And Alexandra who in turn finds a white crust. But she’s behind Loic. Go directly elsewhere Wonder Woman.


21h35: OH Brice who finds a liana tree. And Dorian passing by without seeing him. He may not know what lianas look like.

21h35: “@Jean-Claude Vandaminho, you can explain to me again that I didn’t understand the rules”

So we have to find a remarkable element. Then find the lighthouse 20 steps around this element. This lighthouse will mark the direction and number to the victorious dagger.

21h34 And Dorian and Brice doing the same nonsense. Lola is quiet in her corner at the same time …

21h34 And here Alexander and Loic go to the same place. BUT YOU SPEAK !!!!!! It drives me crazy.


21h31 But there three remarkable things are not at all fair. The first is much harder to find.

21h28 I’m really scared Wonder Woman and Loic are going to the same label. And that will really annoy me.

21h27 Did she have potatoes or what Lola?

21h27 I agree with you about Angélique. But I actually believe that it is simply a cyborg that does not show the slightest emotion.

21×25 In reality, we all want to see Brice lose, so once again he offers us completely zero outbursts of rage.

21h24 I missed the amazing Fab.

21h22 So many Nazis in the villa have been eliminated according to forecasts. I don’t think they ever succeeded. Well except Ave maybe. But we will never know.

21h20 «@Esse loves that this Loic is too nice to win.»

Unfortunately, it is obvious that no one will choose Loic to follow him in the final. Otherwise defeat is guaranteed. And like my Lolo will never win posts.

21h18 Ah to show the portraits we have already seen 150 times that there are people. But there is no one left to show Avi who arrives at the loser’s villa. #FreeAva

21h16 «@Pedroloko Steven, I watched Top Chef for the first time after your live. The same is true for koh lanta. But I warn you, I wouldn’t accompany you to an almost perfect dinner or shopping queens.»

Wait till I give you life on Motus.

21h15 So what do you anticipate?

I am announcing Alexandra-Loic-Brice.

21h14 AND IT BEGINS !!!!!!!

Loans that last 28 minutes are finally starting.

21×11 “@El_burro Dorian has been a little too active this week in terms of interviews (including one for So Foot), he smells bad.”

If we follow the curse of SoFoot, Dorian makes Alexandra and comes out on a stretcher.

21h08 @TheoDenmat No one will compete with Phil. Never. #TeamBezot
But the truth is that I kind of forgot this Grégoire kick which is pretty crazy. And besides, unlike Phil, he also qualifies.

21h05 «@greek: I see Lola makes us Ines»

I put a coin on Lola who finds the dagger without even finding the lighthouse.

21h02 I warn you: if he imitates Diego Maradona, I file a complaint.

21h00 It’s time to turn off the sound. Or change the channel. Well, unless you like awkward moments. In this case, see Canteloup.

20×59 Bach, it’s not terrible what’s going on between Indochina and Christine and the queens. Speaking of music, I hope you’ve all listened to Dino’s new album.

20h55: Hey fools, are you okay? I think so because tonight is the first part of the Koh-Lanta final. And it’s best with an orientation test. What a treat in perspective.

By Steven Oliveira

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