Wednesday , July 28 2021

League 2: When the Red Star makes the front page in England!

"9-3 is the Champions League!" With this tweet message, followed by two emoji, the Red Star discovered the mistake on Wednesday morning. In his A defeat of Liverpool (2-0) in Belgrade in the Champions League, the Daily Express tabloid confused the Red Star logo with that … Red Star. Nice for the club Ile-de-France, 19. Ligue 2, who has not lost greetings for his presence at the well-known European competition.

In just a few hours, the club twitter account "approached the overheating", which is explained by the communication of Red Star.

He was only a year old and was already linked to his Belgrade counterpart, but through his former attacker Milos Zukanovic. On his arrival, in his exceptional presentation, the Serb rejected his identity, his age and place of birth (Belgrade) before adding to the tone of humor: "I also played for the real Red Star, the one in Belgrade …"

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