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"Medal of Recognition" was awarded to 137 victims

Candles, flowers and messages were left in front of Bataclan on November 13, 2017, two years after the terrorist attacks in Paris. – AFP

"Medal of Recognition for Victims of Terrorism" was awarded to 137 new people, 13 of whom were posthumously, the Office of Honor's Office announced on Sunday.

Published in Official Journal, the third "collective promotion" of this medal refers to the victims of eight terrorist acts committed in France and fourteen abroad since 2011, including foreign victims. The attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris and Saint Denis and on July 14, 2016 in Nice are the most prominent.

This medal was created in 2016 after the excitement of the attack on Charlie Hebdo and those of 13 November and could initially differentiate all terrorism victims from 2006.

Honorable victims of terrorist attacks in the 1980s and 1990s

This new date can be traced back to the bombing of the Saint-Germain Pharmacy in Paris, during which Carlos killed two people with a grenade. Also contemplated by the decoration of the wave of wave attack in Paris in the 1980s, Rue des Rosiers, Rue de Copernicus or Rue de Rennes. Just like the attacks committed by the GIA (Armed Islamic Group) in 1995 in RER B and Villeurbanne.

This medal is intended to pay tribute to the victims, while the Legion of Honor rewards the services rendered to the nation by a five-crowned flower labeled with white stripes with pressed olive leaves, hanging on a white ribbon. The National Medal of Recognition obliges the victim or his family if he dies. It can be awarded during a collective promotion or an individual decision, as was the case with the first prize, June 1, 2018, a victim of a bomb attack in Cairo in 2009.

In the first group of promotions, 124 victims were seized in November 2018. The medal was awarded 40 new victims in January. In order to claim this distinction, it must be recognized as a terrorist victim or by the Paris prosecutor's office, or by the victim's guarantee fund, or be on a common list of victims of terrorism held by the Justice Ministry.

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