Saturday , June 19 2021

Meghan Markle "plays the role of his life" with Harry: those words that will not make him happy

Married to England in May 2018, Meghan Markle lives a contemporary fairy tale in the hands of her prince. The dream that the actress would repeat.

Far from film sets, however, he will continue the comedy. From May 19, Meghan Markle was officially part of the British royal family and became the Duchess of Sussex. Former actress of the series suits today is an internationally known personality and who travels around the world with his beloved prince. The one Ninaki Priddy describes as fascinated by Lady Diana and with awe "Being in the focus of attention"finally got his way. And that is not the old Butler princess of Wales who will say the opposite.

"It's interesting that Meghan joined the world's largest soap opera and plays the greatest role of her life as an actress"said Paul Burrell, earlier in the service of Harry's mother. "I think she wanted to become famous and she had everything she wanted, but she must be careful because sometimes what you want is not what she does" Did he mention our colleague Yahoo! last August. Now a pregnant, ex-actress is ready to start a family, but she is not at the end of her problems with regard to what she already has.

It must be admitted that if the new life of Meghan Markle looks like a fairy tale, many controversies hampered his reputation and his image. Duchess Sussex had to suffer the repeated anger of his older half brother Samantha Markle and the failure of her father Tom, thanks to which the young woman became an actress. Since his family was not chosen, the half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. and his girlfriend also joined the party with the bypass through the prison cell and the gun attack. Even his nephew, Tyler Dooley, used Meghan Markle's conviction to promote her cannabis. If a beautiful brunette dreams so much that it attracts light, you probably would never think that his celebrity could draw the worst in his family.

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