Monday , January 18 2021

Nantes: Maradona, Gourcuff says stop

In a flood of praise that rained down from the announcement of Diego Maradona’s death on Wednesday at the age of 60, FC Nantes coach Christian Gourcuff showed his difference. The technician may understand that we regret the “exceptional player,” but he regrets too much mild talk to him about the lifestyle of the Argentine, who has suffered from several addictions.

“As soon as a person dies, we find all the traits for him. It’s very sad that a person or an athlete dies. Sixty years is very young. I admired him. I have him. I saw him develop in his best years. Technically, virtuosity, that was it. phenomenal. No doubt he’s a good guy, I don’t know him. He had a life you can’t lead as an example. That’s why we have to put perspective. It’s not because he died he became an example to young people, “Breton told a news conference on Friday.

And in his viewfinder: L’Equipe’s cover page entitled “Dieu est mort” (see here). “It is very unhealthy. The purpose of the hand marked by the obstacle is morality and sports ethics. To consider it an achievement and a demand of God’s hand is completely inappropriate. He performed feats. If I understand this as the main feat of a weapon, it is not terrible,” coach of the Canary Islands.

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