Thursday , February 25 2021

Paramedics on Monday demonstrated against the uberization of their profession

These experts fear that hospitals, who will now have to pay the costs of medical transportation instead of social security, are working primarily with the main groups that hesitate to lower prices.

Several hundred emergency tickets showed on Monday, including on the prestigious road. At the height of the snail operation in Paris, 700 vehicles were identified by the police. The person was also held in police custody for alleged violations of public powers and refusing to report, according to the same source, rings of rocks and garbage. .

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Begin in the morning, traffic problems last until the end of the afternoon. Similar operations took place in southern Lille (north) and in front of the Nancy-Barbois University (Meurthe-et-Moselle) to local media. A movement that did not take part in the major alliances of the sector started from co-ordination on the ground.

Cruel uberization

Paramedics broch article 80 of the Social Security Financing Act 2017, whose application was postponed until 2018. This article envisions the cost of transporting patients in the same facility or between two institutions between the hospital and the specialized dialysis center, is now the responsibility of healthcare institutions rather than patients. Travel between the patient and the hospital remains the responsibility of the individual. Reform aims to make healthcare institutions more responsive, strong health care providers, but who pay only a small part of total expenditure. As of October 1, approximately 125 million are charged, which is the responsibility of hospitals and more health insurance.

As a result, the choice of operators to carry out these travels will now be through the bidding process. A new procedure that takes care of paramedics, a sector that mainly consists of small structures that are afraid to punish. "We are regulating tariffs, it is complicated even to fix a 10% discount, while a large group can make a 30% discount, which will allow us to make a great deal of money. who is also a nurse, said that the effect of the reform is already visible. "Today, we have much fewer hospital calls, big companies enter into contracts with the Bleu Paris clinic," said Djamal Naït, head of the France Bleu Paris ambulance. hospitals and unfortunately we all see the discount for our small businesses. "

"It's not ubering, it's rationalization," says Agnès Buzyn

Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn dismissed concern. "I was very wary of not favoring the uberisation and protecting, contrary to what I might think", their profession, assured the minister, called on Monday night a public hearing (The Figaro/ LCP / Public Senate / AFP). "Transport consumption has increased considerably year after year," said the minister who wants to encourage hospitals to "rationalize transport". What the government suggests is that a "hospital that would have, for example, two patients coming from the same village" could impose a common means of transport on these two people and not allow everyone to choose their outpatient clinic and to compensate for social security. "It is not uberization, it is rationalization," said the minister, who promised to "continue to work" on the topic.

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