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Peru creates a surprise and removes Uruguay

Leaving the winner and the undefeated group with a small point more than Chile, Uruguay kept the eleven traditional traditions. Oscar Tabarez specifically referred to the fire attack that led Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, the authors four goals between them since the start of the competition. In the meantime, Miguel Araujo went in the defensive and was replaced by Carlos Zambrano after a heavy defeat of Inka against Brazil (0-5). A close memory that caused the start of the fight between men Ricardo Garece, cautious of the urugvajac who tried to surprise them first through Luisa Suarez, whose center did not find the user (5), more than one Nahitan Nández a little later (8). At the end of the first decade of the first quarter, the FC Barcelona striker was the first to offer hot action. Federico Valverde center and put the ball on the head of his 9 number who could not hang a box (15) in the imbalance.

The only fear in the Peruvian area came from Luisa Suarez, whose attacker Pedro Gallese finished the race at the foot of Edinson Cavani, who managed to miss the empty box (24). Luckily for Paris, his teammate was finally reported off at the beginning of the action, a whistle that came to forget the huge failure of a 32-year-old striker. Uruguay then thought to open scoring thanks to Giorgian De Arrascaeti, but his goal was canceled for a new illegal position, this time Nahitan Nandez (29). Blanquirroja was trying to react. Found in the background of defense, Paolo Guerrero crashed into the box after the duel with Jose Maria Gimenez. Regular contact of referee judges who did not show a penalty point. More legs in spite of this little fear, the Uruguayans had a new opportunity, but this time Edinson Cavani collided with the Peruvian goalkeeper who imposed his strike at ground level (37th). Celeste was still his salvation to José Maria Gimenez, who returned well to Paol Guerrero's feet, which was well positioned to unblock the situation (44). In the heat of the rain Wilton Pereira Sampaio whistled a breeze on the naked goal (0: 0).

The story of the offense

The weather calmed down after the locker room, the game that made it, remained unpleasant. In the service of Luisa Suarez, Diego Godin again missed the box. The defender, still without a club, did not allow Uruguay to logically score (58th). Edinson Cavani finally thought he would come there, but if his small end ended the race in the back of the net, a few centimeters went by destroying his celebration (59). Celeste settled in front of the Inca area, but it was costless to two without three. After having dismissed two goals, people Oscar Tabarez (again) thought to open points, but Luis Suarez was punished for a few of them, proved, but very limited. Until then, Peruvian apaticians took advantage of the opportunity to cause cold sweats to their opponents who could not take it. Miguel Trauco overwhelmed him, but his center was backed by Federico Valverde, far back (79th).

The Tribune, very little furnished, had a tough dream. While 0-0 did not organize urugvajac affairs, Peruvian luck was the one who did not hesitate to buy time on the image of malicious Yoshimara Yotun (89). Even Luis Suarez failed to reverse the fate (90 + 2) of the match to end the run of the penalty shoot-out. He also started badly for Blaugrana who catapulted his penalty to Pedro Gallese. The only player who missed this session (4-5) was surprised, despite Peru, in Copa America's semi-finals. Christian Cueva and his family will challenge Chile from Wednesday to Thursday to offer a Maracanan ticket to host the finals on July 7 next year.

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