Tuesday , July 27 2021

Pierrelaye-Bessancourt: Association Calls for Detection of Lead Poisoning on Polluted Plain

"There are areas where you have to spend a few hours to get a kid with the lead-down", says Pascal Boury.

For several months, this resident of Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) condemned failure to consider, in particular the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS), a recommendation to systematically start the lead poisoning by the High Council of Public Health.

He filed a lawsuit against the Prefect of Ile-de-France and ARS on Wednesday in front of the Paris-based Administrative Court on behalf of the civil society (AC), which he had created.

A very worried resident

Its purpose? Get emergency measures, including systematic lead-in poisoning in children under 7, pregnant women and those planning pregnancy within six months; soil contamination in public outdoor areas and the closure of public places that host the children to the results of the above-mentioned analysis.

After facing the soil pollution when he wanted to build a pavilion in Plaisir (Yvelines), which Pascal Boury looked at in the subject.

Three weeks ago about a health study published by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Île-de-France and the Inter-urban Union for the Management of Partial City Areas (SIAAP), which shows that most places on the Pierrelaye-Bessancourt plaza represent "unacceptable" health risks the presence of very high levels of lead and other heavy metals, and according to him "concealing a sanitary scandal".


VP / L. A.

"300,000 people including thousands of children are affected by the study area," says Pascal Boury. I'm not a scientist who has spent his studies. Only a citizen who compares statements with the limits of the texts of the High Council of Public Health. "

Refusal that he does not understand

To support this, Pascal Boury relies on the synthesis of a study conducted in the Interregional Epidemiological Cell (CIRE) in Île-de-France and Champagne-Ardennes 2014.

Over the past year he has been trying to get a full-fledged study unsuccessfully, but faces ARS rejection despite the favorable opinion of the CADA.

"All soil pollution values ​​were already there and confirmed the severity of the situation," he explains. Since 2014, government simulations have shown that more than 5% of children have blood lead levels above the thresholds recommended by the High Health Council (HCSP) to define lead poisoning of children. "

And Pascal Boury drive your nail. "When ARS writes that heavy metal values ​​are much lower than those found in old industrial sites, that is, false. I got an impact study for ZAC Liesse 2 in Saint-Ouen-Aumône (near the plain, Ed) and values they were bigger. "

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