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Premium Box Shock: Compare Livebox 5's offerings with competitors, including Delta Freebox

Premium Box Shock: Compare Livebox 5's offerings with competitors, including Delta Freebox

Orange has released its new premium box, Livebox 5 and Universe Freebox offers a small comparison of the different premium offerings we had when Delta Freebox came out.

Nearly a year after the release of the last box of Free, Orange released Livebox 5, and it's time to make a small comparative assessment of the premium offers offered by four carriers, each of which is being developed. We are considering offers with no options added and available for ordering on October 10, 2019 with prices offered on that date when ordering.

We make a small exception for the SFR Box 8 which is also available as an option but is a box in itself. We will mention stressed the accessories made by the latter in the SFR THD Premium range.

operator /






Freebox Delta

Livebox Up Fiber

SFR THD Premium

Bbox Ultym


€ 49.99/ month + player at € 10 / month or cash purchase at € 480
(The player was purchased and belongs to a subscriber)

No obligations

35.99 € /one month 1 year 49.99€ per month

1 year commitment

Livebox rental included

38 €/ month for a year 53 €/ per month

commitment 12 months

Box for rent included (Or + € 5 / month for Box 8)

€ 22.99 monthly for 12 months then € 41.99/ per month

1 year commitment

Box for rent included

Startup costs / Cancellation fees

Commissioning fees

Cancellation fees: 49 €

New buyer: 40 € activation

Cancellation fees: 50 €

Fee for opening the service: € 39

Cancellation fees:49 €

29 € commissioning fee

Cancellation fees: 59 €

Maximum theoretical flow

8 GB / s
600 Mbps

2Gb / s shared
600mb / s

1 GB / s
400MB / s

1 GB / s
500 Mbps


Unlimited calls to mobile and landline cities France and the DOM (more than 110 international destinations)

Unlimited calls to landlines in continental France and the DOMs (more than 100 international destinations) and cell phones in continental France, the DOM, the US and Canada

Unlimited calls to landline phones in metropolitan France and cell phones in mainland France and overseas

(more than 100 international destinations)

Unlimited landline and cellphone calls in metropolitan France; Europe (including Switzerland) and the DOM

(more than 110 destinations)

TV bouquet

TV Panorama over channels (more than 50 channels)

Freebox TV
(600 channels including 220)

Netflix basic package is included

100 reps

Up to 160 channels are included

Thirty channels in Replay

260 channels included

Play services (number not provided)

191 channel

31 Playback channels included

Services / equipment

LeKiosk subscription included

Compatible with Somfy and Philips Hue

Subscription to Youboox One until January 1, 2020

Integration of virtual machines

Connected home service available on activation

Cinéday: 1 cinema venue purchased, a venue offered every Tuesday.

1000 GB of cloud storage

TV on smartphone / tablet and PC app

With Box 8:

WiFi 6

Android TV

Subscribe to LeKiosk

Bonus to choose from: Canal + Series, 4G Button with 20GB per month, Bbox TV Jeunesse or Playzer


Soundbar Devialet Dolby 5.1
Voice Assistant Alexa and OK Freebox


4K decoder

Dolby Atmos compatible
On-demand recording option


4K decoder

100 hours of recording is included


With Box 8:

Vocal Assistant SFR

Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision are compatible


Built-in speaker

Integrated Google Assistant

4K decoder
128 GB TV Recorder


So in terms of sheer supply (and with no added options) we can see that the new Livebox is not delivering much more than before. If this is the speed, pushed to 2Gbit / s split downhill and 600 Mbit / s up, and the environmental aspect of the box, we will eventually include a rather lean service offering. However, keep in mind the compatibility with the Dolby atmosphere on his device and of course technical enhancements such as smart Wi-Fi, which can attract some customers. But it's not a disruptive or even innovative offering, it's the same offer, with a bit more power and a recyclable box.

It's about the Orange Fiber Open Up Pack, ahead of the Freebox Delta / Free Mobile combination

Orange also offers a Fixed + Mobile Package, the price of which changes with mobile subscription. It seemed relevant to us to make a small comparison of tariffs with the ability for Free users to combine their offer of Freebox and Free Mobile. It is a reminder that if Freenaute opts for Freebox Delta with the payment of its player for more than 48 months, it must pay a bill of € 59.99 per month for four years. It can add an unlimited mobile plan for € 15.99 per month, which is a total of € 75.98 per month. For a substantially equivalent offer (150GB of data offered), a beginner offers a rate of € 114.99 / month with a reduction to € 80.99 / month for the first year and a one-year commitment. The price difference that hurts the wallet, especially after the promotion of the first year has passed.

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