"Punch, Legs, Bats" … a woman complains of a homophobic attack in Toulouse

The young woman was attacked by three men during the night of Toulouse. She filed a complaint on a homophobic attack. Many associations cancel the recovery of such acts.

The young lesbian, attacked on the streets of Toulouse by three costumes and armed with a bat on Halloween night, complained of a homophobic attack. "The young woman filed a complaint," police said Toulouse, "investigations are under way and the investigation is entrusted to the Security Department."

She manages to escape

As she returned from Wednesday night about three in the morning, the victim said her Facebook account was followed by three "safe drunkards" who "insulted" and then beat them. "Punches, kicking, beatings," she said on Monday, "disfigured with homophobic objections."

The young woman explained that she managed to escape thanks to the "experience" of the previous aggression and knowledge of combat sport, but also reported – with her pictures – of her wounds: "Traumatic brain injury, suspicion of three broken ribs exploded lips, hematomas on the face and body" . "The injuries recorded in the complaint are consistent with what circulates in social networks," the police said.

Her testimony was quickly passed on by associations: Homophobia's hopes condemned the "lesbian flu aggression" and supported the young woman, beaten "just because she was a homosexual".

Ile-de-France Regional Adviser Jean-Luc Romero also spoke in a tweet on aggression and urged Prime Minister Philippe, asking for "the fight against LGBT phobia" to be a major national cause since 2019.

Several similar attacks have occurred in the last few weeks in other cities. In Paris, a young woman also hit the Halloween night, resulting in the 21st day of complete disorder (ITT) while she loved her partner at the bus station.

An investigation into a homophobic attack, abduction and blackmail after a violent attack on October 27, a 34-year-old young man leaving the night club, was opened in Rouen.

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