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REVIEW. The French do not want Nicolas Sarkozy to return

, June 29, 2019

The French turned to Nicolas Sarkozy's page. The assumption of the former head of state's return to politics does not provoke enthusiasm. According to our survey, 76% of respondents say he does not want him to return. No wonder Republican supporters (LRs) are the only ones who complain to most (65%) former mayor Neuilly; and the rejection is massively among the left-wing sympathizers (88%), in which "the repressive effect of Nicolas Sarkozy is still very strong," commented Deputy General Director Ifop Frédéric Dabi.

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Similarly, 57% of respondents are negatively looking at the balance of the former head of state. "There is no positive re-reading of his action, Frédéric Dabi has been diagnosed. This question is regularly raised and figures are almost identical from 2013." Ifop, however, notes the "Holy Alliance between the Republicans and the Republic on the move": Sarkozy's five-year-old is generally well-regarded in this polling station, ie 80 and 61%. And his former president's position is highly valued: 59% of them think that Nicolas Sarkozy's attitude is well-suited to the role of former Elize tenant.

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Respondents, 63%, do not believe in hypothesis about Sarkozy's return. Including LR sympathizers (56%) and François Fillon (62%). Who could then take the torch? No one is excavating the gap between the tested persons: former leader of LR, Laurent Wauquiez and president of Ile-de-France, Valerie Pécresse, are in the tie, which is said by 38% of the respondents; but Mayor Troa, François Baroin (37%) and President Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand (36%) follow them.

"This is a reflection of the leadership deficit on the right," Dabi says. Emmanuel Macron is also cited, not far (32%). The symptom of multiple Republican rights problems, seen by elected and voters, goes to the presidential camp.

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