Saturday , June 19 2021

Singer Lauryn Hill barked Bercy after she arrived with a delay of 2.5 hours

More than two and a half hours late, a low bill and ultrashort concert, fans on the verge of a nervous breakdown … The long-awaited performance of hip-hop and soul stars Lauryn Hill, the old voice of Fugees, caused a huge wave of disappointment and anger on Tuesday night at AccorHotels arena.

Tens of dozen fans – who spent 50, 60 or even 100 euros to get a ticket – shared their rage on social networks this evening. Lauryn Hill's audience waited for about 23 hours French humorist Fary, programmed in the first part, was back to the stage to supply. "Result: The poor are whistling, it's 22 o'clock and DJ Reborn sounds sounds like why not in Lannion, he reported on Twitter Liberal journalist Gurvan Kristanadjaja.

The loss of viewers did not stop there until Lauryn Hilla's performance was equally disappointing. Huée between each title, according to several testimonies, also saw that her microphone was cut off and the light went back slightly after 23:30, when the room usually closed. "And so Lauryn Hill spoke us, thanked us, announced that he wanted to make the last song, and Bercy […] twice to get him out of the microphone, and she left dissatisfaction. The most frustrating thing I've ever seen, "said LCI Hamza Hizzir. Many viewers have already asked the organization to claim compensation when others leave the room before the concert begins.

Bad habit

This kind of fiasco is nothing new with Lauryn Hill. Just type in the artist name and delay the word to see it … It connects the escapades for several years. And the tour that was supposed to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his cult "Misingucation of Lauryn Hill" did not deviate from the rules. Cultural media of the Belgian RTBF group announced in June 2017 a bowl titled "Uncharted Lauryn Hill" … In the year 2005, Paris also reported on postponements in the same Bercy room.

Well, we can also translate "Miseducation" by "bad education" in French … In short, it will probably laugh out of the yellow of the 15,000 people who are frustrated by the lack of support on Tuesday night … and which is probably already shaken with the passion of those with their performance tickets expected on Wednesday evening in Bercy.

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