Thursday , March 4 2021

the couple are attacked by sticks

The attack was held on Sunday evening in Martyrs de Vingré Street in Saint-Etienne. Thirty-year-old couple walking on the street when an obviously drunk individual attacks him. Man speaks homophobic insults and takes a stick. In panic, the couple fled, but was caught fast. One of the men was beaten to the ground.

The 30-year-old works well with three days of ITT (Total incapacity of work) to the newspaper Progress. The couple complained. An investigation was launched to detect perpetrators.

Strong reactions

Mayor Saint-Etienne reacted on March 7th to aggression of couples. "With the utmost determination I condemn these acts which show the degree of intolerance our society can sometimes getGaël Perdriau adds: "I know I can count on the professionalism of the national police to identify and arrest the aggressor, and the latter is a"a hard sentence at the height of its inexpressible act".

On the one hand, LGBT + Pink Triangle was shocked by such an aggression. "I do not understand this wave of violence, you have to fight, go to justice. We have laws, we have equality. These are serious things. It has to stop, it has to change"explains President Mathias Driham.

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