Thursday , January 28 2021

The mayor offers "good fuel" to his voters

In rage against rising prices at the pump, Mayor Roche-la-Molière (Loire) has decided to offer its citizens the most prestigious "good fuel" monthly to 50 euros for their work.

The principle of such reinforcement, which forced Smic's people to take their car to work, was adopted on Friday, said Eric Berlivet, mayor (former UDI, SE) of this municipality. about 10,000 inhabitants.

Eric Berlivet explains to our colleagues Progress that it was decided to provide "solidarity and honest support to people who are usually excluded from any financial support".

Between 15 and 40 kilometers

The goal of this coupon, worth 50 euros for full time, proportional to part time, "encourages those who have a job to not give up because of a new increase of 7% fuel tax scheduled for January 1," adds the first magistrates of this city metropolis Etienne .

The wings will be distributed from 1 January, lasting six months.

Another condition to benefit from it is that it travels from 15 to 40 kilometers for work, because there is a fiscal aid behind it, asks an elected person who wants to "take the action to criticism" and neglects a number of potential beneficiaries of this assistance.

The Mayor lent his support to Emmanuelle Macron during the presidential election.

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