Saturday , June 19 2021

The new Freebox V7 is expected for November 20th

The Twitter "Georgette", known as the "Cantale of the Cantal," the account that already uses Free, ignited the dust. Several reasons explain this rush around the internet.

"Good evening, young people. I'm returning to Paris for 14 days to look for a Christmas gift for grandchildren to speed up international tourists in the village," tweeted Georgette on Wednesday, November 7th. This little harmless message ignited the free Internet community. This time it would be real. Thousands of times promised for "soon", the new Freebox, the V7 of its codename will eventually be unveiled on November 20th. Or at fourteen or almost, because in another message, Georgette says "I'm going back to Paris on November 20th". It is also freely used to announce the announcement, including the results of its quarterly results, on Tuesday.

But why are they so excited about a simple Internet framework? First since Free did not launch the upscale box since December 2010, and its Feebox Revolution. Meanwhile, there was Crystal (2013) and Mini 4K (2015) but not a "fighter". Then, Free goes through a period of depression. Operator Xavier Niel has lost clients in fixed, for the first time in his history. During the first half, 47,000 of their fixed subscribers turned to the competition. And while refusing income per subscriber, settle for 32.8 euros. Nothing says that the group managed to raise at least in the third quarter, Free will release its results on November 13th. A week before launching Freebox, which should steal the show on the number of days.

One or three boxes?

The new Freebox is waiting for 2016, and the first rumors about its launch. The expectations that it raises are in line with the changes brought by Free in the telecommunications world. For the group, the bet is huge: no right to disappoint. However, very little data is filtered on that subject. Certainly there were a few free words here and there, suggesting that the new framework could include technology.

New frame or … ..? This is one of the other points of uncertainty that is smartly maintained. Telecommunications Operator Xavier Niel could introduce three new fields to target three distinct customer segments. But what's important for Free is to return to tomorrow's fixed-mode technologies: fiber. In September, the group had 734,000 fiber subscribers for 7.9 million available catches. The challenge is that preferential customers want to switch to fiber. Especially since launching "V7" could be an opportunity to increase prices, with a cost of 50 euros per month. Therefore, it is the idea of ​​starting several boxes, to continue to occupy a low price segment, a real Free trademark. But this is the segment where it is banned because of the numerous bids at the very aggressive prices of its competitors, Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Orange.

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