Monday , September 23 2019
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This GM tobacco eliminates the risk of addiction

Researchers from the University of Dortmund have developed a series of genetically modified tobacco using CRISPR-Cas9 nicotine barely 0.04 mg per gram of dry leaves compared to 16 mg for conventional varieties. The lowest achieved so far (by conventional crossover techniques) is still 0.4 mg, which is enough cause addiction, Rate "Almost unimpressed" 0.04 mg would be without risk of addiction, researchers say, whose work was published on June 17 in a journal Journal of Plant Biotechnology.

World Health Organization report (WHO) published in 2015 advocated the sale of reduced nicotine cigarettes to reduce their dependence on smokers. According to FDAwhich regulates healthcare products in the United States, nicotine-free cigarettes will allow additional 5 million people a yearstop smoking, This approach differs from "light", made from normal tobacco but where we added "holes" to the filter dilute the smoke. It actually encourages smokers to "take" the cigarettes to get their nicotine dose.

However, even without nicotine, cigarettes remain hazardous to health because they contain many other harmful chemicals such as tar, metals hard or tasty.

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