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Tiger mosquito: expert advice to protect

Grégory L & # 39; Ambert specializes in tigers of mosquitoes at EID Méditerranée in Montpellier. He gives his advice in order to guard against the inconvenience of a tigrastatic mosquito.

"If there are no mosquitoes, there is no disease," says Gregory L & amp; Ambert, EID Mediteran. This specialist in tigrastatic mosquito (Aedes albopictus), a medical entomologist and World Health Organization consultant (WHO), recalls the potential danger of this urban mosquito present in our region and in 51 French departments.

"To stop the epidemic, we must kill all adult mosquitoes"

"The tiger mosquito is capable of spreading diseases such as dengue or chikungunya. It is enough to feed the blood of an infected person returning from the area where the disease (Reunion Island) becomes viral vector by trapping and infection of other subjects and so on, "says the scientist. Situation that may occur "most often between May 1 and November 30", so if a physician discovers the case in that period, a mandatory statement is sent to the ARS (Regional Health Agency).

A report launching a drug-using plan using EID funds. "To control the epidemic, that's easy, you have to kill all the adult mosquitoes, they are not able to find more than 150 m from their hunting site, use spray insecticide." the disappearance of mosquitoes in a given area, it is the removal of all reservoirs of standing water, even the smallest ones, which will be crucial, "declares the entomologist.

An effective method that allowed 2014 to limit the chikungunye epidemic to "twelve cases in Herault, while in Italy there were 500".

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