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track the final sprint between young leader François Gabart and veteran Francis Joyon

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06:23 : "I understand 1 & # 39; before arrival".

The winner of Route du Rhum explained franceinfo that he realized he was at the last moment of his victory. "Practically just when I crossed the line, I had that impression [François Gabart] I arrived and ironed because two or three knots were faster than me.

06:16 : This end of the race reminds the script of the first edition in 1978. Canadian Mike Birch, on his small 12-m multi-layered (Olympus), had a cap on a large monolith Michela Malinovsk (Kritter) … 98 seconds. This photo should help you understand what happened that night between Franjo Joyon and François Gabart.

06:14 : His seventh participation will be right. Tonight Francis Joyon won the first Route du Rhum in Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe). Skipper Idec Sport won an incredible ending with François Gabart. Upon arrival, the distance between two is 7 minutes. Everything here is explained.


11:37 : Well here's a safe buoy in the heat … And more wind … We'll have a good night tomorrow to wake up and thank you for Mr. Godon!

11:37 : Gabard is still leaving! According to the chart, now you sail 5.9 knots, which is final!

11:35 : According to the official counter, François Gabart remained with 4.4 kts

11:31 : @anonyme According to the meter of the race, its speed dropped by 1.6 knots. Looks like a quest for walking in another OSS 117.

11:29 : Immediately after Bouillante on the beach, we have Joyon in front of us and do not move centimeter!

11:56 : @Marc I doubt video problems. The official route Route du Rhum will be started 1:30 before the arrival (find it here) but with the look of the two skippers, we will not come back.

Here are some other sources:

Radio RCI Guadeloupe from time to time offers live Facebook.

If you have a Guadeloupe channel channel 10, it also offers the coverage of the final home.

You can follow our colleagues from Radio France Jérôme Val on Twitter or our confreres from France 3 Brittany, France 3 Pays-de-la-Loire or Guadeloupe is the first.

11:26 : If no channel is broadcast, would it be a chance to see this final result on a live stream or live Facebook thanks to a boat that follows two ships as close as possible?

11:26 : @anonyme Yes, that's the idea.

11:25 : At least Joyon's passage in front of Gabard?

11:25 : The live video Route du Rhum starts just 1h30 before arrival. In other words, those who will see images will have little eyes tomorrow at work.

I slid down the flow so it goes off during the night, because I'm doing tomorrow at 9 am so I'm not gonna end up …

11:20 : Why not Live a Video?

11:19 : According to the race site, Francis Joyon has just arrived to find 7 knots of wind from whom he knows where.

11:17 : If the sun goes down, there should not be a breeze raised at the same time? Joyon seems to approach the likelihood of suffering, that's what counts?

11:18 : It is not even that it is no longer progressing, it is drawn to cartography! François's morality must be extremely difficult. What a race!

11:17 : Michel Desjoyeaux also decided to spend a short night.

11:15 : But it would not do the job Thomas Coville left this day A Coruña? lol

11:15 : Do not look for the best joke evening, @Bertrand just kill the game

11:14 : @anonyme If two sailors continue at the current speed (this is the theory of course), Francis Joyon arrives for 10 hours, François Gabart at 30 …

11:11 : I happened to come from Dunkirk in 1967 and I'm coming to Cayenne for 12 hours without wind and Jenny does not start !!!! Woouuuhaaaa !!!

11:10 : @Garry I will not put my hand in the fire for more than two hours of racing if the two sailors are thrown into the wind.

11:10 : So, is there still about two hours of racing and less than half an hour between them? What a final!

11:10 : How old strength is good for endurance 😉 Macif is still a young ship that will be ready for next races

11:05 : @anonyme It's possible. The wind can wake up, or Joyon chooses a slightly different option that allows him to move a little faster. Or it is a pity that Macif prevents him from starting again. It's hard to tell if you're not on board. Two actors are likely to be explained later.

11:04 : Does that mean that Franjo Joyon will be stopped in the same place?

11:03 : Instead of Gabart, I'm gonna get the lead there. Get out of the storm, cross the Atlantic thoroughly to find the stubble so close to the goal …

11:11 : @anonyme During a tour of the Guadeloupe, sailors have to pass a buoy, which forces them to walk along the coast. That is why François Gabard approached the shore, which was stuck in the heat. Francis Joyon does the same, not sure he can do better.

11:01 : Is Gabard enough time to win?

10:59 : @anonyme It seems to be known in the site that it offers very little wind. Franjo Joyon now has a boat of his competitor in visuals.

10:57 : Hello. Do we know why Gabard does not progress? What's happening in the trumpet Macif? Go Gabard!

10:52 : Record Loïck Peyron will be overwhelmed if one of the skippers crosses the line five hours French time.

10:51 : Keep in mind that François Gabart is lighter than 4 tons, which can be played in the final.

10:49 : According to pictures of the Guadeloupe TVFrançois Gabart was practically stopped.

10:46 : Naive and obviously impossible, but it would be nice to see them pass through together. Two big boys!

10:43 : I would be happy if Francis Joyon won this route du Rhum had so many problems because he was sailing to deserve to be revenged for destiny! First or second, Mr Joyon ?

10:42 : GABART deserves that victory so much! It opened the road from St. Little. Joyon follows and enjoys tremendous damage from Maca. How GABART Maneuver With Less Saffron?

10:42 : @anonyme In any case, night falls there, arrival will be at night.

10:41 : My impression is that Joyon will win. He returns slowly and safely. When he turns to the click point, he will go faster than Gabart without a foil

10:25 : Francis Joyon returns to six nautical miles François Gabart, completely jammed in the water!

10:08 : @Vincent In that sense, we will never work better than the first release in 1978, where sprint is played in 98 seconds. I give you an excerpt from the story I wrote about this race, with numerous testimonies of skiers:

"Michel Malinovsky floats too close to the bank, Mike Birch wears a chest 800 meters away from the line. "The right hand drops at least one of Olympus's photos for a moment and greets me.writes an unhappy Frenchman. The shirt needed 98 seconds after 559 hours of racing. "

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