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warning for hemorrhagic dengue fever after the death of a young woman –

After the death of a 35-year-old teacher, the medical profession warns of the danger of a severe form of the virus: hemorrhagic dengue. Everything can change very quickly, hence the need for counseling.

With nearly 1,443 cases during the week of April 12-18, the dengue epidemic is growing in Reunion. The teacher recently died in the south of the country after a complication of the disease. An epidemic spreading in parallel with Covid.

Make a quick diagnosis

At the multidisciplinary University Health Center Saint-Philippe, patients parade to doctors. Vaccination against Covid, dengue alert, epidemics intersect. The symptoms may look the same, but the causes are different.

On the island, dengue fever is mostly present in its mild form, causing headache, fever, fatigue, joint pain, or ophthalmic complications. But for Dr. Jean-Marc Franco, we must remain vigilant and consult at the first symptoms. Dengue fever can indeed develop into a severe, even hemorrhagic form.

“We currently have an increase in cases of dengue, Covid 19 and leptospirosis. The three diseases are similar because they start with similar symptoms, a blood test and a Covid test will be needed to make a diagnosis.”

Dr. Jean-Marc Franco, general practitioner in Saint-Philippe

Warning of hemorrhagic fever dengue fever

For a doctor, we should not wait for the disease to get complicated because hemorrhagic dengue fever can affect patients without a specific pathological background. In a few days, everything can change, as was the case recently with a 35-year-old teacher from Saint-Joseph.

The benign occurrence of dengue in severe form has grown into hemorrhagic dengue. The victim of the lightning attack in his home was taken to the ambulance of the CHU de Saint-Pierre.

Unfortunately, she did not survive, hence the doctor’s warning to detect clinical signs such as a drop in temperature, digestive problems or bleeding. Symptoms that appear a few days after dengue infection and the development of fever.

(Again) see the report from Reunion La 1ère:

In the south, a teacher died of dengue hemorrhagic fever

Medical authorities also remind us of preventive measures: properly hydrate and take care to protect yourself from mosquitoes, especially during these periods of heavy rains.

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