Monday , November 30 2020

with a young boy with a very short skirt!

The Hallyday family celebration is no longer created. and Laeticia’s daughter Jade Hallyday was not spared.

The young girl is not trying. Like all modern stars, this notoriety is especially noticeable on social media.

Jade Hallyday takes off

Jade Hallyday recently returned from a stay abroad. The young girl’s movements are hardly a secret since she shares much of her life online.

He is actually currently with his family, after descending to Le Gers. At 16, Jade Hallyday loves to share her daily life with her fans. This presence is especially evident on the cult Instagram network.

Lately Jade has been making progress through his posts. Sometimes she poses with a casual look, sometimes she appears as a super elegant diva. She is causing a sensation on the Internet and her followers love it.

Romantic shooting for little Jade?

Upon returning from the trip, she went directly to the family home. Jade Hallyday then meets mother Laeticia and sister Joy. The family seems to have been more attentive to each other since Johnny’s death.

Since the peak of his 16 years, Jade Hallyday has threatened to completely overthrow his Instagram subscribers. On the other hand, Laeticia Hallyday seems very proud of what has become of her eldest daughter. Jade is obviously a lover of shooting.

This time she publishes some models always very glamorous, from those who arouse so much enthusiasm of her fans. He then appears with a white miniskirt, bordering on a shocking one

At first glance little Jade grows But not only that! A young man with long brown hair also appears in this series of photographs.

Followers panic over the identity of this handsome stranger. However, it seems that this demonstration is not the first young man. Before that, Jade was seen with him in another series of photos. Indeed, the two teenagers look pretty close and the subscribers are completely thrilled.

Minica or not, Jade Hallyday narrows the canvas

The announcement of this special miniskirt shoot just excites the network. Young Jade Takes “likes‘Through these few pictures. On the other hand, compliments come from everywhere.

But these aren’t the only ones that can be found on the Hallyday girl’s Instagram account. Jade Hallyday also likes to currently share her clothes and activities through her stories.

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